The Best Bedroom Furniture for Those Teenage Years

Between childhood and adulthood, when hormones begin to rage and your kid wants to assert their independence, there's that wonderful and/or terrifying period of being a parent to a teenager. A teenager's bedroom can be a sanctuary. It's their retreat, and it needs bedroom furniture befitting its significance as the place where your teen will be spending rather a lot of time. If your child's transition into their teen years means that the furniture and fixtures of their younger years could do with an age-appropriate upgrade, what are some ways to give your teen a bedroom that is both stylish and functional? Read More 

Criteria for Getting the Best Deal on Timber Furniture

Is it time to shop for new furniture items for your house? If you are a traditionalist at heart, then timber furniture is a clear winner.  Furniture made from wood is sturdy, is durable, and looks unique owing to the natural grains and colours of the different wood species used to make each furniture item. If you have a specific look in mind, wood furniture can be customised to create an exact match. Read More 

Why Should You Pick a Wood Headboard?

A headboard will protect your bedroom wall from marks, let you sit up more comfortably in bed, and improve the overall style of your bedroom, so it's something you should add to every bed. Of course, it's not as easy as that – there are several types of headboard available, and it can be tough to land on the right one. Before you start looking at styles and colours, think about the material. Read More 

Top Tips For Removing Awkward Pieces Of Furniture

When you're moving furniture as part of relocation to a new home, it's best to hire the services of a professional furniture removals firm.  They will have the experience and equipment to carry out the job safely without damaging anything.  However, if you do decide to carry out some or all of the work yourself, here are some top tips to help everything go smoothly. Long, tall items Tall items, such as wardrobes are best carried angled slightly towards you. Read More 

3 Tips for Choosing Café Furniture for Your Restaurant

Café furniture usually refers to pieces that are somewhat smaller than standard restaurant furniture; a café may have clientele who are looking to have a cup of coffee and perhaps a light meal, as opposed to a family restaurant that may see diners linger and need space for their children. A café may also be somewhat smaller itself than many other types of restaurants, so you need to ensure you get furniture that will fit the footprint easily. Read More