Criteria for Getting the Best Deal on Timber Furniture

Is it time to shop for new furniture items for your house? If you are a traditionalist at heart, then timber furniture is a clear winner. 

Furniture made from wood is sturdy, is durable, and looks unique owing to the natural grains and colours of the different wood species used to make each furniture item. If you have a specific look in mind, wood furniture can be customised to create an exact match. 

While timber furniture is known for its beauty, durability, and functionality, furniture products made from timber vary in terms of quality and price. To get the best deal on timber furniture, it is essential that you strike a proper balance between these two parameters.

Here's what to consider to get the right furniture on the market:

Wood Type

There are several different types of timber that can be used to create furniture, but it all fall into two main categories – hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods are generally sturdier and more durable than softwoods while the latter tend to be easier to work with.

Understanding these factors and knowing the type of wood used to make a particular piece of furniture can help you assess its actual value. 

Wood Grain and Colour

The wood used for making furniture items is available in different natural grains and colours. Some grains and colours tend to be more exotic-looking than others, and this leads to higher price tags.

The value attached to the grain and colour of the specific wood species you want to be used for creating your furniture will determine how much you will need to pay.

Intended Use

Where do you intend to place your new timber furniture? Furniture meant to be used outdoors can't be the same as those designed for indoor use because the former will be directly subjected to the weather elements. 

For example, outdoor pool furniture will have to be made water-repellent and resistant to rot to maintain its permanence. This is because furniture items designed for outdoor use won't enjoy the protection of the roof, unlike their indoor counterparts.

Besides their great functionality, timber furniture adds rustic home touches to bring nature and comfort together. Understanding the intended use of your furniture, as well as what wood type and wood grain and colour to opt for, will put you on the right path towards getting the right furniture for your abode. Contact an expert timber furniture maker if you need help with making a suitable choice.