3 Tips for Choosing Café Furniture for Your Restaurant

Café furniture usually refers to pieces that are somewhat smaller than standard restaurant furniture; a café may have clientele who are looking to have a cup of coffee and perhaps a light meal, as opposed to a family restaurant that may see diners linger and need space for their children. A café may also be somewhat smaller itself than many other types of restaurants, so you need to ensure you get furniture that will fit the footprint easily. Note a few tips for choosing café furniture for your restaurant.

1. Material

You want restaurant furniture that is very durable no matter your clientele or menu, and metal is often a good choice. However, note if your furniture will be used outside on the patio. If so, will the metal be in direct sunlight and then get too hot for your customers? Do you open the patio even during the cooler seasons, so that the metal might also get too cold? In these cases, you might opt for a treated and sealed wood that is durable but which doesn't conduct hot and cold so easily; teak is a good choice, as it's very durable, as is bamboo.

2. Color

You may not think much of the color of your café furniture, but color often sets a certain tone and creates a certain atmosphere. Red is typically seen as very modern, and it conveys lots of energy, so it's not always the best choice for a café that has diners who want to relax with a coffee. Black can be very traditional and go with any type of restaurant style, but note the advice above about furniture pieces in the sun. Black will hold the heat and may be uncomfortable. Blue and white are good choices for a café near the water, and white is also a neutral color that goes with any style of café or eatery.

3. Size and comfort

If your café is very small, you might immediately be thinking of very narrow and small pieces so they fit the footprint of your eatery. However, uncomfortable furniture can mean guests aren't happy, and they may get up and leave early and may not return. If you must have smaller furniture, note if it curves on the seat so that it offers more support and comfort, and opt for taller backs on chairs so guests can have support on their back as well. These features will mean you can have smaller seats that don't take up space but that your guests will still be comfortable.