Why Should You Pick a Wood Headboard?

A headboard will protect your bedroom wall from marks, let you sit up more comfortably in bed, and improve the overall style of your bedroom, so it's something you should add to every bed. Of course, it's not as easy as that – there are several types of headboard available, and it can be tough to land on the right one.

Before you start looking at styles and colours, think about the material. Headboards are usually either wood, metal, or upholstered. Each option comes with its own pros and cons, but here are just a few reasons why you should pick a wood headboard.

Multiple Options

Wood headboards probably come in the most diverse range of styles, heights, and sizes. You can find them either solid or in elaborate designs, and the type of wood that is used will change the shade of your headboard. You can even paint the headboard to a shade of your choice to perfectly capture the look you're seeking.


One of the main problems with upholstered headboards is that they don't tend to stay looking their best for very long. Even the toughest of materials will quickly lose its sheen and start to look shabby after you've been lying against it night after night, and stains are often impossible to get out. The material can even be discoloured by the sun. Metal is a little better, but it can dent quite easily and fleck over time.


Wood can be wiped down quickly and easily with a wet cloth once every week or so to remove dust and keep things clean, and it cannot harbour dust or pests because it isn't porous. The same is true of metal, but upholstery can be a real problem. It's tough to clean and can get very dirty over time. Strike an upholstered headboard that's been in use for a few years, and you'll probably see dust fly out.


Wood never really goes out of fashion, and a wood headboard will fit around just about any type of décor you could imagine. If you change from a modern look to more of a period feel, wooden bedroom furniture probably won't have to be changed. Metal and upholstered headboards tend to suit one style better than the other, so they aren't as adaptable.


Finally, wood headboards are among the most affordable on the market. Some metal headboards can be found at a low price, but only the flimsiest. If you want a good metal headboard or an upholstered headboard, you're almost certainly going to be paying more than you would for wood.