The Best Bedroom Furniture for Those Teenage Years

Between childhood and adulthood, when hormones begin to rage and your kid wants to assert their independence, there's that wonderful and/or terrifying period of being a parent to a teenager. A teenager's bedroom can be a sanctuary. It's their retreat, and it needs bedroom furniture befitting its significance as the place where your teen will be spending rather a lot of time. If your child's transition into their teen years means that the furniture and fixtures of their younger years could do with an age-appropriate upgrade, what are some ways to give your teen a bedroom that is both stylish and functional?

A Place to Sleep

A loft bed frees up floor space, and so can easily be a double bed, which can even be a milestone on the path to adulthood. Whether the frame is metal or wooden, your teen can choose the colour scheme. Although you might prefer a neutral colour, it's your teen who will be using the bed, so the choice should be theirs (or at least, mostly theirs).

A Place to Chill

The loft bed will create an alcove directly beneath it, and this space should be given a specific purpose. A desk can fit into the space, but given that the space becomes a sort of nook, you can exploit the cosiness. Make the area underneath the loft bed into a chill-out zone or reading area, with a comfortable armchair or even a beanbag. Your teen should still have a dedicated study area (an appropriate desk) somewhere in the room.

A Place for Mess

Your teen's bedroom might already have a built-in wardrobe, but this can prove to be insufficient. Storage space, storage space, and more storage space — this is the most efficient way for your teen's bedroom to have some semblance of tidiness. Consider it as there being a place for everything, and everything in a place. Any arguments about a messy bedroom can be sidestepped with adequate storage, allowing your teen to tidy simply by placing any clutter into the wardrobe and a large set of drawers. It might not be the most well-organised storage, although the trick is to have enough storage space for everything to be tidily hidden. 

A teen's bedroom is rather a different space to the bedroom of a young child. It's a time of growth and change, and the furniture in their bedroom needs to reflect this. To begin looking at bedroom furniture, visit a furniture store in your area.