Top Tips For Removing Awkward Pieces Of Furniture

When you’re moving furniture as part of relocation to a new home, it’s best to hire the services of a professional furniture removals firm.  They will have the experience and equipment to carry out the job safely without damaging anything.  However, if you do decide to carry out some or all of the work yourself, […]

Four Ideal Materials for Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture such as picnic tables, patio chairs and poolside chaise lounges should be fabricated to withstand the environmental elements. Poor product choices will deteriorate fast leading to financial losses through repair, maintenance and replacement. There are diverse aspects to consider before making a purchase but the most important factor is the material. This will […]

4 Tips for Caring for Teak Outdoor Furniture

Strong, durable and naturally resistant to termites, teak is an ideal wood for outdoor furniture. This naturally dense hardwood is protected by its high oil content, not only from pests but also from mould, damp and the damaging effect of sunlight. Teak furniture needs very little maintenance, but a small amount of regular maintenance will […]