How To Maintain Your Recliner Lift Chair

A good automatic recliner chair is an investment. They're beautiful, sturdy statement pieces that can be upholstered to fit seamlessly into any living room or bedroom, but they're also game-changing tools that help you ensure your health and comfort at home. If you've decided to invest in looking after yourself by picking the perfect reclining lift chair, it's important to look after it and make sure it lasts for many years to come. So what will you need to know, and how much maintenance do these chairs require?

Take basic precautions to ensure your chair's longevity

  • These reclining chairs are electrical, and as such it's dangerous to let them come into contact with liquid. If you'd like to drink while sitting in your chair, consider using a covered mug or cup with a lid to protect against potential spills.
  • Children are often fascinated by reclining chairs, but don't let them use your chair as a toy. It's also important to keep children (or large dogs) from standing on the chair's footrest.
  • Don't use an extension cord to plug in your chair. These increase the risk of overheating and make it more likely someone will trip over a wire—plug your chair directly into a wall socket instead.
  • Always unplug your chair before cleaning it, moving it or carrying out any other type of maintenance.

Look after the fabric and upholstery 

  • Keep an eye out for tears or pulls, and have them fixed by an upholster as quickly as possible. The seams are stress points, especially in a chair that moves, and letting them split or fray will reduce your chair's lifespan.
  • Vacuum around the mechanisms regularly and wipe down the upholstery with a damp cloth. Don't get liquid anywhere near the motor or other mechanisms, and avoid using solvents to clean any part of your chair. You can use mild fabric cleaners if necessary but keep them well away from the electronics.

Monitor and maintain your chair's electrical components

  • Keep the wiring out of the way of foot traffic areas, and don't let it get underneath the feet of your chair or tangled up in the legs of a side table.
  • If you do spot any breaking or fraying in the wires, contact your manufacturer right away--this can be fixed easily by professionals but is dangerous if left unchecked.
  • If your chair becomes stiff or squeaky, you can lubricate the footrest mechanism yourself with a small amount of household mechanical lubricant. Don't let this get anywhere near the motor, the electronics or the other mechanisms, however, and contact your manufacturer instead if you're unsure.

For more information about recliner lift chairs, contact a local company.