Essential Characteristics of Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Contemporary interior design is tricky to define for the layperson unless you employ the services of a professional designer. However, you are not alone because many homeowners struggle with achieving a contemporary interior design, especially for their bedrooms. It can be attributed to the fact that most people do not select the right furniture pieces. Notably, your choice of bed, wardrobe, bedside table or bedroom chair can make or break the contemporary style you are going for. Here are tips to help you choose contemporary bedroom furniture.

Soft, Clean Lines

One key characteristic of contemporary interior design is clean lines and smooth surfaces. Therefore, the furniture pieces you choose must have soft, straight forms instead of stark edges. For instance, the headboard on a contemporary bed should be smooth and puffy—particularly at the corners—for absolute comfort characteristic of the style. The smooth surfaces of bedroom furniture also give the room an airy feeling, especially for large pieces such as beds and wardrobes. Furthermore, furniture with soft rounded shapes is versatile because it can work with different styles, especially when you want to switch things up a bit.

No Ornamentation

Furniture ornamentation is nothing new in interior design since it serves an aesthetic function. Notably, ornamentation comes in various forms, including fabric embellishments, intricately engraved patterns, appliques, carved furniture legs and ornamental drawer/wardrobe handles. However, as much as you love ornaments on your furniture, they are a no-no as far as contemporary design goes. The reason is that contemporary bedroom furniture should emphasise simplicity and espouse a minimalist appeal. Thus, the pieces of furniture you select for a bedroom must not have any ornamental finishes or additions. For example, contemporary bedroom wardrobes should have straight, comfortable handles, while bed headboards should not have any embellishments. If you decide to decorate your contemporary pieces of bedroom furniture, keep it at a bare minimum.

Neutral Colours and Textures

Neutral is the hallmark of contemporary design, and your bedroom furniture pieces should emphasise the concept. For instance, stick to black, white, brown or grey fabrics if you want an upholstered bedroom couch. It is essential because while neutral colours might appear bland, they deliberately allow your bedroom's décor to be the focal point. Another example is placing a black or grey standalone wardrobe against a lighter painted wall to make the décor the centre of attention. Bedroom furniture made of natural wood is also an excellent choice for a contemporary look.