What to Discuss With a Removalist Company Before Hiring Them

A removalist company can make your move much easier and faster overall. They often provide a wide array of services above and beyond simple transporting of your household goods, can also help to move a number of large items including pianos, second cars, and even trailers. Before you hire a removalist company you want to ensure you know what's involved with their services so there are no surprises, and so that you take full advantage of all the services they do offer.

You also want to know you're hiring the best removalist company available. Note the following as you begin looking for removalists in your area:

1. Ask how they pack your items

A removalist company can help you to pack your household goods, but that doesn't mean that their services will necessarily be the best for your delicate items. Ask if they use specialized paper for certain pieces such as artwork, and what packing materials and techniques they use for dishes, glassware, electronics, and items such as these.

This will tell you if you're working with a professional company that is looking to take care of your items, or one that simply packs as quickly as possible with little thought as to the actual protection that packing service offers.

2. Note what additional charges you might expect

Never assume that the quote you're given will be your final price with a removalist company, unless they outright say that there won't be any additional charges. Ask about charges you might face if the job takes longer than expected, if there is difficulty accessing your property, for extra mileage, and so on.

These should all be listed in your agreement but it's good to ask about them verbally so you don't overlook anything in your paperwork.

3. Ask about their insurance coverage

A removalist company should always carry insurance to cover the cost of damage to any of your goods, but you might want to ask about the coverage itself especially if they'll be transporting expensive items such as a piano or sports car. If their coverage is minimal and won't reimburse you the full cost of these items in case of damage, you may want to get additional insurance yourself.

Check with the company that provides your renter's insurance or homeowner's insurance about move insurance, and remember that you only need coverage for the shortfall from your removalist company. This means just the difference between what they would reimburse you and the cost of replacing a damaged item.